Branding, web design and everything in between.


It starts with an idea.

The creative industry has changed dramatically since I took my first tentative steps through the doors of my local art college back in 1970. 

What hasn’t changed is my desire to still be part of it, and there are some things that never change – great ideas! 

At the Royal College of Art I learnt that ideas are what mattered most. Great ideas do not happen by accident but by exploring different ways of doing things – making new connections. Being innovative and embracing creativity can be scary. Logic and gut instinct don’t often go hand-in-hand, yet fresh ideas and new ways of presenting what you do will help differentiate you from everyone else. 

I am a very experienced hand-holder, that guides businesses and organisations along the potentially dangerous road of creativity that is littered with false promises, hot air and mediocre design.

As a Creative Director for many years my experience has not been limited to sitting down and designing but inspiring and mentoring others, leading brainstorms internally and externally and getting the best out of everyone and every idea.

Being unique and standing out means taking risks. My role as a creative consultant is identifying the risks and recognising the ideas that could make you into the brand your competitors wished they could be.

In the past

In 1983 I established the award winning design agency Horseman Cooke (later to become Open Agency). I have created award winning packaging for M&S, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Boots, innovative print for the major banks – RBS, NatWest and Lloyds, and even worked with Mickey Mouse in Disney World Florida. I've created websites for train companies – South West Trains and First Group,, London’s most popular tourist attraction (The London Eye) and launched the largest floating exhibition in the world for Cunard.



In 2011, I left London and moved to the beautiful Cotswolds where I inadvertently became part of the Chipping Norton Set! Here I established Brand Cooke, helping build successful brands with bright ideas, clear thinking and intelligent design.

Brand Cow

Brand Cow is a model I use to help clients dissect their brand into easily remembered and easily digested bite-size chunks. This unique nose-to-tail model helps you make sense of your brand. 

  • Rediscover your brand’s head & heart
  • Develop the right muscles to build a stronger brand.
  • Make sure your brand has the legs for longevity.
  • Build a dynamic ‘big picture’ of your brand.
  • Bin the BS!