After using brainstorms successfully for over 30 years in a creative agency environment we know how effective they can be. Our Brainstorm Challenge helps you generate and develop innovative ideas.



There are many who think brainstorms are a waste of time – dominated by the more extrovert members of a team and resulting in a lot of unusable ideas. 

What’s important is to have an experienced facilitator leading the brainstorm. 

We join up the dots and make sense of seemingly unconnected thoughts and ideas, resulting in cohesive and innovative solutions to challenges you may currently face.

Creative Brainstorm: Half Day

Motivational Action Plans: Half Day


  • Get off the linear thinking track

  • Think differently

  • Everyone has the opportunity to contribute

  • We collate ideas and help you develop them

  • We show you how to create compelling action plans that motivate you to follow-through on your ideas