We deliver bespoke personal and business brand development courses, that are creative, inspiring, dynamic and get the best out of everyone and every idea.





After using brainstorms successfully for over 30 years in a creative agency environment we know how effective they can be. Our Brainstorm Challenge helps you generate and develop innovative ideas.


There are many who think brainstorms are a waste of time – dominated by the more extrovert members of a team and resulting in lots of unusable ideas. 

What’s important is to have an experienced facilitator leading the brainstorm. 

We join up the dots and make sense of seemingly unconnected thoughts and ideas, resulting in cohesive and innovative solutions to any challenge you may currently face.



  • Get off the linear thinking track

  • Think differently

  • Everyone has the opportunity to contribute

  • We collate ideas and help you develop them

  • We show you how to create compelling action plans that motivate you to follow-through on your ideas

Creative Brainstorm: Half Day

Motivational Action Plans: Half Day




Brand Cow™ is a fun way to dissect your brand into easily remembered and easily digested bite-size chunks. Let us show you how our unique nose-to-tail model can help you make sense of your brand. 


The origins of branding started with the branding of cattle to define ownership, and so Brand Cow™ evolved. 


  • Rediscover your brand’s purpose and vision

  • Highlights your brand’s strengths

  • Highlights your brand’s weaknesses

  • Highlights your brand’s areas for opportunity

  • Creates an easily remembered ‘big picture’ of your brand

Brand Cow Workshop: One Day

Build Confidence



Successful teams are comprised of a mix of diverse personalities. We help you recognise and align everyone’s strengths. Build Confidence and build a better team.


People are complicated and there is no one-way to motivate and build confidence. You cannot force a seed to grow but if you provide the right environment it will develop to its full potential.

People are different – with different needs. We explore personality types and how they are motivated. You will learn how to build your own confidence, and motivate yourself and others on an ongoing basis.


  • TAO of Creative Confidence – Identifying your Talents, Achievements and Opportunities

  • Reclaim and build your own confidence

  • Recognise what builds confidence in your team members

  • Inspire confidence in your team members

  • When the shoe is on the other foot (role play)

  • Gain the toolkit for self-motivation on an ongoing basis

Build Confidence Workshop: One Day




How do you get your clients and customers singing your praises to the wider world? Brand Choir is a customer-centric course that shows you how.


Your brand will succeed or fail, depending on how well you listen to your customers and how well you win their trust. In an age of social media where a wrong step or poor communication can spread like wildfire and seriously dent a brand’s reputation, it’s even more important than ever to appreciate what your customers expect and need.

If you deliver a great service and build great relationships with your customers they won’t be able to praise you highly enough – this is your Brand Choir.


  • With no rules or imitations discover how good could your service be? 

  • Discover what your customers really want

  • Discover better ways to win over your customer’s trust

  • Create a vision of perfection centred on the customer

  • Create consistency

  • Presenting opportunities to promote your brand to a wider audience.

Brand Choir Workshop: One Day




Speaking in front of an audience is one of the most powerful ways to promote a business message. We help you learn the skills of Better Communication and take the step from Powerpoint presenter to powerful speaker.


This event is designed to fast-track those who already have experience in delivering basic in-house presentations. It is geared to encourage ‘on stage’ confidence and get your butterflies flying in formation. We equip you with techniques to overcome nervousness, build body-language skills and develop vocal variety.

Ultimately it’s about taking the step from manager to leader and speaking to inspire action.


  • Gain confidence and shift from Powerpoint presenter to powerful speaker 
  • Develop techniques to overcome nervousness 
  • Learn how to write and structure a concise powerful presentation
  • Learn how to build rapport with an audience and inspire them to take action.

Better Communication: One Day