More than a logo



A brand is more than a logo but…

Logos are just one element of a brand’s identity. We’ve worked with businesses and organisations of all sizes – and in our experience, smaller startups, with no history and a ‘blank canvas’ have a fantastic opportunity that bigger more established brands don’t.

A distinctive logo with a strong idea is an important and powerful way to gain recognition and help you stand out from your competitors. A good idea also begets other ideas and so the application of your logo often leads to branding systems that can be creatively applied and help build a tangible and credible personality for your brand.

Logos by Brand Cooke

BASCA (British Academy of Songwriters Composers & Authors)
CHO (Spanish Gazpacho Drink Concept Logo
Poetc. Lynn Cooke – Poet & Writer
VOB Vince O’Brien Cotswold Building Contractor
Podge 20th Anniversary Lunch at The Royal Yacht Club
923 Jobs – Finding jobs to fit school hours
Wychwood Youth Club
The Missing Trick Personal Development
Set Free Your Creativity Creativity Coach


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