300 sources of creative inspiration


Next week I'm flying off to New York to spend a week with Milton Glaser on his Summer Program at the School of Visual Arts. Last month I received a letter from the man himself briefing me on two assignments that need completing before I go.

Here is the first brief:

On a 15" x 20" board, using it vertically or horizontally, make a chart, diagram or composition that indicates as much as you can analyze the major artistic influences in terms of personalities, events, experiences, or studies that have profoundly affected the way you work. Include characteristic methods of working, obsessions, materials (watercolor, inks, collage etc.), recurring themes and forms...


I decided to split the space into 1" squares – each square representing a small part of what has influenced and inspired me, as far back as my memory goes. I've got a lot of minor as well as major influences in there, but it all adds up to who I am. I'm considering creating an online interactive version which could be fun.

Gary CookeComment