A typeface I designed 36 years ago still looking good!


As a fresh-faced 21 year old, just beginning my Masters degree at the Royal College of Art, I received a telegram. 

Before email and mobile phones the quickest way to get in touch was by this method. Mad Men fans – you may remember the episode when they were pitching for Pacific Union. Don Draper came up with the classic line – 

"You can't frame a telephone call."

The other day tidying up my life, I found an old sketch book from 1975 and there I found the telegram (see above) and a press clipping. I'd won an international typeface competition organised by Meccanorma (they produced rub-down lettering like Letraset – those were the days!) It was very exciting and I was taken to a fancy restaurant for lunch. Anyway...

If you see my April Blog 'I recognise that face' in the style section, you'll see that my typeface that I thought had died and gone to typeface heaven, (or hell), had surfaced as the masthead on the über cool Swedish fashion mag Bon.

Gary CookeComment