Better late than never

School of Visual Arts

A sign high on the wall of the School of Visual Arts in New York says exactly what I'm feeling right now

I've a day and a half before I start the Milton Glaser Summer Progam on Monday. I've just booked into my hotel – Marcel at Gramercy on East 24th Street. On the internet it promised a lot but it's disappointing. It's trying to be a trendy boutique hotel and not quite pulling it off. 

My room is missing the most basic things – a fridge, a socket by the small table/desk in which I can plug my MacAir. Basic stuff. After a long flight I'm tired, but tomorrow I'll be looking for a room upgrade.

The good thing about the Marcel is that it's only one block away from the School of Visual Arts and the first thing I did when I arrived was to check it out. It's Saturday so it was closed, but I peered through the windows. It's not a big place. I like that. But what is big is the huge statement created from brickwork on the side of the building facing 3rd Avenue. 

When I saw it I knew I was coming to the right place. It was only my third day on my own after leaving the business that I'd co-founded in 1983. Here I was nearly 58 years old, excited about getting to where I wanted to go and this was the start.

Gary CookeComment