Farewell to an old friend


Like many I was shocked to hear our beloved Design Week is no more.

I don't visit Facebook that regularly and was shocked to discover via a post by Lynda Relph-Knight that the last edition of Design week went to press on the evening of 26th June.

I remember as a fledgling design entrepreneur, scanning it's pages every Thursday when the new edition arrived, searching for a mention of a new piece of packaging we'd designed or piece of business won. Design Week has become such a part of the British design business, that it's hard to believe it no longer exists.

I'd always shout across the studio every Thursday 

"Who has the latest copy of Design Week?"

I'd always get back 

"I think it's on Andy's desk" or "I saw it on Martyn's desk."

Maybe this was the problem. Perhaps we should have bought more copies. We'd share one copy between the whole studio. It wasn't expensive. And it was such an invaluable resource. 

I really do feel very sad. It really is the 'end of an era'. I'm sure someone will be able to tell the Design Week story more eloquently. but for me I'd just like to say "thank you".

And good luck LKR.

Design Week

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