Homage to   Victor Vasarely   1906 – 1907

Homage to Victor Vasarely 1906 – 1907

You're a start-up with an innovative idea that promises to change the world and people's lives. You have a business but it's not really a brand. You have a brand but it's looking tired and needs a refresh.

With over 40 years experience, working with the world's biggest brands, I can help.

A creative collaboration at the start of any project enables solid foundations upon which an effective creative strategy can be built. Creativity has real value in the world of business today. Being creative means thinking differently. Being unique and standing out means taking risks. My role as a creative consultant and designer is recognising those risks, steering you away from clichéd solutions, and helping interpret ideas creatively in ‘words and pictures’ that tell your unique brand story. 

I am able to short circuit much of the long-winded protocol and expense associated with large agency practises. With intelligent creative ideas and strategies, and a clear roadmap I can help and guide you at the start of your exciting journey.


Building your brand

1) Defining who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go

  • A creative brainstorm with key members of your team
  • Audit of your current branding (if applicable) and that of your competitors
  • Audit of your written communication and tone of voice
  • Audit of your culture – your ambition, vision, and values

Purpose: a clear direction and creative brief from which we can begin to create a brand identity that fits with your culture and personality.


2) What are you going to look like and how can you stand out

  • Explore a look & feel for your brand based on an agreed creative brief and deliverables
  • Demonstrate its potential application and flexibility

Purpose: Agree a direction to develop across all brand collateral

building a brand

3) Building on an idea

  • Brand Identity – Logostyle / Wordmark / Symbol / Nomenclature
  • Imagery / Illustration / Graphics
  • Stationery
  • Website – structure, design & build
  • Social Media – branding & strategy
  • Presentation templates

Purpose: Creation of brand identity systems which consistently communicates your brand across everything you do.

brand maintenance

4) Brand maintenance

Consistency is a vitally important aspect of any brand – the service you offer, how you interact with your clients and customers... and of course how you look.

Once we have a brand identity and systems, it’s important it’s applied and communicated consistently, in the most appropriate way that works for the brand.

  • Brand guidelines

A simple Brand Guidelines in the form of a pdf, can be regularly updated. It helps maintain the integrity of the brand and in a helpful way enables brand development without ‘going off grid’ and creating inappropriate material.

Brand guidelines

5) What next?

Once you have established a look & feel and brand identity, it’s easy to believe it’s simply then a case ‘sticking your logo on everything’. This is not the case.

Successful brands are aware that branding and marketing is an ongoing process.

I help you throughout your journey of developing your brand and making sure it always remains fresh and relevant.